Black drama anthology,

Main Author: King, Woodie,
Other Authors: Milner, Ron
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: [New York] New American Library [1972, c1971]
Series: A Signet book
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100 1 |a King, Woodie,  |e comp. 
245 1 0 |a Black drama anthology,  |c edited by Woodie King and Ron Milner. 
260 |a [New York]  |b New American Library  |c [1972, c1971] 
300 |a x, 671 p.  |c 18 cm. 
490 0 |a A Signet book 
505 0 |a Introduction: evolution of a people's theater, by W. King and R. Milner.--Junkies are full of (SHHH ...), by I. A. Baraka (LeRoi Jones).--Bloodrites, by I. A. Baraka (LeRoi Jones).--Junebug graduates tonight, by A. Shepp.--The corner, by E. Bullins.--Who's got his own, by R. Milner.--Charades on East Fourth Street, by L. Elder.--Gabriel, by C. Mason.--Brotherhood, by D. T. Ward.--The one, by O. Pitcher.--The marriage, by D. Greaves.--The owl killer, by P. H. Dean.--Requiem for Brother X, by W. W. Mackey.--Ododo, by J. A. Walker.--All white caste, by B. Caldwell.--Mother and child, by L. Hughes.--The breakout, by C. O. Gordon.--Three X love, by R. Zuber.--A medal for Willie, by W. Branch.--Ladies in waiting, by P. DeAnda.--Black cycle, by M. Charles.--Strictly matrimony, by E. Hill.--Star of the morning, by L. Mitchell.--Toe jam, by E. Jackson. 
650 0 |a American drama  |x African American authors. 
650 0 |a American drama  |y 20th century. 
700 1 |a Milner, Ron  |e joint comp. 
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