Science and poetry

Main Author: Midgley, Mary, 1919-
Format: Ebook
Language: English
Published: London ; New York : Routledge, 2001.
Edition: Taylor & Francis e-Library ed.
Online Access: Read Ebook
Table of Contents:
  • Visions of rationality
  • The sources of thought
  • Knowledge considered as weed-killer
  • Rationality and rainbows
  • The shape of disillusion
  • Atomistic visions: the quest for permanence
  • Memes and other unusual life-forms
  • Mind and body: the end of apartheid
  • Putting our selves together again
  • Living in the world
  • The strange persistence of fatalism
  • Chessboards and presidents of the immortals
  • Doing science on purpose
  • One world, but a big one
  • A plague on both their houses
  • Being scientific about our selves
  • In what kind of world?
  • Widening responsibilities
  • The problem of humbug
  • Individualism and the concept of Gaia
  • Gods and goddesses: the role of wonder
  • Why there is such a thing as society
  • Paradoxes of sociobiology and social Darwinism
  • Mythology, rhetoric and religion.

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