Animal experimentation /

Other Authors: Haugen, David M., 1969-
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Detroit : Greenhaven Press, c2007.
Series: Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)
Table of Contents:
  • Animals have rights / Tom Regan
  • Animals do not have rights / Ilana Mercer
  • Animals are equal to humans / Matt Ball and Jack Norris
  • Animals are not equal to humans / Josie Appleton
  • Animal rights activists are terrorists / Alex Epstein
  • Animal rights activists are not terrorists / Will Potter
  • Animal researchers should not be bullied by animal rights terrorists / Fiona Fox
  • Animal experimentation is ethical / Adrian R. Morrison
  • Animal experimentation is unethical / David Thomas
  • Using primates in medical experimentation is justifiable / Scientific Steering Committee of the European Commission
  • Using primates in medical experimentation is unjustifiable / John Gray
  • The animal experimentation debate has reached a moral deadlock / Peter Singer
  • The moral deadlock concerning animal experimentation can be broken / Patrick Bateson
  • Animal experimentation is vital to medical research / American Physiological Society
  • Animal experimentation is not vital to medical research / Christopher Anderegg, et al.
  • Drug testing on animals is beneficial / Jennifer A. Hurley
  • Drug testing on animals is not beneficial / Kathy Archibald
  • Microchip technologies could make drug testing on animals unnecessary / David H. Freedman
  • The risks of animal-to-human transplants outweigh the benefits / Joyce D'Silva
  • The benefits of animal-to-human transplants outweigh the risks / A physician, interviewed by Gale Scott
  • Genetically modified animals are beneficial to medicine / Alexandre Fouassier and Manufacturing Chemist
  • Genetically modified animals are not beneficial to medicine / Animal Aid
  • Animal cloning is worthwhile / Marie A. Di Berardino
  • Animal cloning is unnecessary / Wayne Pacelle.