Classic experiments in psychology /

Main Author: Mook, Douglas G., 1934-
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press, 2004.
Table of Contents:
  • About experiments
  • A brief history of experimental psychology
  • Hermann von Helmholtz and the nerve impulse
  • Paul Broca and the speech center
  • Karl Lashley : brain mechanisms and learning
  • James Olds : reward systems in the brain
  • Vincent Dethier : feeding in a fly
  • S.P. Grossman : chemical coding in the brain
  • Roger Sperry and the bisected brain
  • Neal Miller : fear as a learnable drive
  • Neal Miller : conflict
  • David McClelland on achievement motivation
  • Harry Harlow : a tale of two mothers
  • Nikolaas Tinbergen : the study of instinct
  • Teitelbaum and Epstein: hunger, thirst, and the brain
  • Schachter and Singer : cognition and emotion
  • Herman and Polivy : human hunger and cognition
  • Walter Mischel and self-control
  • Edward Thorndike and the law of effect
  • Ivan Pavlov and classical conditioning
  • Wolfgang Köhler and the mentality of apes
  • Edward Tolman and cognitive maps
  • B.F. Skinner and operant conditioning
  • John Garcia : conditioned taste aversion
  • Albert Bandura : imitation and social learning
  • Gordon Paul : learning theory in the clinic
  • Martin Seligman : learned helplessness
  • Lepper et al. on the costs of reward
  • Hermann Ebbinghaus on memory
  • Frederic Bartlett : meaning and memory
  • Brenda Milner and the case of H.M.
  • Lloyd and Margaret Peterson : short-term forgetting
  • Elizabeth Loftus : leading questions and false memories
  • Gordon Bower on state-dependent memory
  • Collins and Quillian : the structure of semantic memory
  • F.C. Donders and reaction time
  • The cautionary tale of Clever Hans
  • A.S. Luchins on not being mindless
  • George Miller on the magic number seven
  • Festinger and Carlsmith : cognitive dissonance
  • Roger Shepard and mental rotation
  • Richard Herrnstein : concepts in pigeons
  • Tversky and Kahneman : the framing of decisions
  • Ernst Weber : the muscle sense and Weber's law
  • Gustav Fechner and the measurement of mind
  • Max Wertheimer on apparent movement
  • Selig Hecht and adaptation to the dark
  • H.K. Hartline : lateral inhibition in the retina
  • Georg von Békésy : the mechanics of hearing
  • Jerome Bruner : motivation and perception
  • Gibson and Walk : the visual cliff
  • Lettvin et al. : what the frog's eye tells the frog's brain
  • Theodore Newcomb : attitude change at college
  • Muzafer Sherif : prejudice and the robbers' cave
  • Kurt Lewin : tensions in the life space
  • Solomon Asch on conformity
  • Festinger et al. : when prophesy fails
  • Stanley Milgram on obedience to authority
  • Latané and Darley : the unresponsive bystander
  • Benjamin Franklin : Mesmer and animal magnetism.

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