Culture wars : opposing viewpoints /

Other Authors: Williams, Mary E., 1960-
Format: Book
Language: English
Published: San Diego : Greenhaven Press, c2003.
Series: Opposing viewpoints series (Unnumbered)
Table of Contents:
  • The culture wars are over / Paul M. Weyrich
  • The culture wars are not over / People for the American Way
  • The right is intensifying the culture wars / Jim Whittle
  • Neither the right nor the left can win the culture wars / Stanley Kurtz
  • The extent of the culture wars has been exaggerated / Christian Smith .. [et al.]
  • A new counterculture is emerging / Paul H. Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson
  • America shows signs of moral decline / John Harmon McElroy
  • America is not in moral decline / David Whitman
  • Popular culture is contributing to America's decline / Jennifer A. Gritt
  • Popular culture reveals America's strengths / Part 1: Jeanne McDowell and Andrea Sachs; Part II: Geneva Overholser
  • Political correctness threatens American liberty / John Attarian
  • The issue of political correctness deserves open discussion / Michael Bronski
  • Political progressivism should be promoted / Paul Wellstone and Bill Dauster
  • Political conservatism should be promoted / Policy Review
  • Religious progressivism benefits society / Richard Parker
  • Religious conservatism benefits society / John Bolt
  • Secular humanism should be promoted / Robert F. Morse
  • Secular humanism is harmful / Tim LaHaye
  • Multiculturalism should be promoted / Part 1: Rethinking Schools; Part II: James A. Banks
  • Multiculturalism is harmful / Bradford P. Wilson
  • The government should legislate morality / Gregory Maturi
  • The government cannot legislate morality / Charles Colson
  • The government must maintain the separation of church and state / Edd Doerr
  • The separation of church and state harms American culture / Roy S. Moore
  • The government should fund art that may be offensive / John K. Wilson
  • The government should not fund offensive art / Charles Krauthammer.