Alfred Wiedemann

Alfred Wiedemann (18 July 1856, Berlin – 7 December 1936, Bad Godesberg) was a German Egyptologist. He was the son of physicist Gustav Heinrich Wiedemann and the younger brother of physicist Eilhard Wiedemann. He was a son-in-law to psychiatrist Carl Maria Finkelnburg (1832–1896).

He studied Egyptology and classical history at the Universities of Leipzig, Berlin, Paris and Tübingen, obtaining his PhD in October 1878 at Leipzig. In 1882 he became habilitated for Egyptology and ancient Near Eastern history at the University of Bonn. In 1891 he became an associate professor at Bonn, where from 1920 to 1924, he served as a full professor.

In 1926 the thoroughfare ''Wiedemannstraße'' in the Bad Godesberg district of Bonn was named in this honor.
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