Fred Fangyu Wang

Fred Fangyu Wang (; 1913 – October 6, 1997) was a Chinese calligrapher, art collector, and a Professor of the Chinese at Yale University and Seton Hall University.

Wang was born in Beijing in 1913, and emigrated to United States of America in 1945. Fred was an alumnus of the Catholic University in Beijing and Columbia University in New York City. In the 1940s he worked with Henry Courtenay Fenn on Chinese grammar at the Institute of Far Eastern Languages at Yale. At Seton Hall, he was part of the team which developed the first Chinese language teaching computer system. Several books and dictionaries on the Chinese language and calligraphy were written by him. Wang was also a collector of Bada Shanren paintings. When he died, he left behind relatives in mainland China, Taiwan, and the USA.
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