Hobart Muir Smith

Hobart Muir Smith, born Frederick William Stouffer (September 26, 1912 – March 4, 2013), was an American herpetologist. He is credited with describing more than 100 new species of American reptiles and amphibians. In addition, he has been honored by having at least six species named after him, including the southwestern blackhead snake (''Tantilla hobartsmithi'' ), Smith's earth snake (''Uropeltis grandis'' ), Smith's arboreal alligator lizard (''Abronia smithi'' ), Hobart's anadia (''Anadia hobarti'' ), Hobart Smith's anole (''Anolis hobartsmithi'' ), and Smith's rose-bellied lizard (''Sceloporus smithi'''' ). At 100 years of age, Smith continued to be an active and productive herpetologist. Having published more than 1,600 manuscripts, he surpassed all contemporaries and remains the most published herpetologist of all time.
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