Neil Ross

Ross in 2011 Neilson David Ross (born 31 December 1944) is a British-American voice actor and announcer, now resident in the United States, working in Los Angeles. Noted for his Trans-Atlantic accent, Ross has provided voices in many American cartoons, most notably ''Voltron'', ''G.I. Joe'', and ''Transformers''. He has also done voice work in numerous video games, including ''Mass Effect'' and ''Leisure Suit Larry'' 6 and 7. Ross has also provided voice roles (such as radio announcers) for many movies, including ''Back to the Future Part II'', ''Babe'', ''Quiz Show'', and ''Being John Malkovich''.

Neil Ross was the announcer for the 75th Annual Academy Awards Telecast in 2003, and the Emmy Awards Telecast in 2004. He has also narrated numerous episodes of A&E's ''Biography'', and many editions of ''NOVA'' on PBS (including ''Mars – Dead or Alive'', which was nominated for an Emmy Award in 2004).
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