David Ramsay

David Ramsay may refer to:

* David Ramsay (historian) (1749–1815), American historian and politician from South Carolina * David William Ramsay (1943–2008), Canadian lawyer and judge * David Ramsay (Upper Canada) (born c. 1740-died c. 1810), controversial trader in early Upper Canada *Sir David Ramsay, 4th Baronet (after 1673–1710), among Scottish representatives to 1st Parliament of Great Britain MP for Scotland & Kincardineshire * David Ramsay (communist) (1883–1948), British socialist activist * Dave Ramsay (born 1970), Northwest Territories MLA *David Ramsay (Ontario politician) (born 1948), Ontario MPP *David Ramsay (watchmaker) (died c. 1653), British clockmaker and watchmaker
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