Hershel Parker

Hershel Parker is an American professor of English and literature, noted for his research into the works of Herman Melville. Parker is the H. Fletcher Brown Professor Emeritus at the University of Delaware. He is co-editor with Harrison Hayford of the Norton Critical Edition of Herman Melville's ''Moby-Dick'' (1967, 2001, and 2017), and the General Editor of the Northwestern-Newberry Edition of ''The Writings of Herman Melville'', which, with the publication of volume 13, "''Billy Budd, Sailor''" ''and Other Uncompleted Writings'', is now (2017) complete in fifteen-volumes. Parker is also the author of a two-volume biography of Herman Melville published by Johns Hopkins University Press (1996, 2002).

Parker is an advocate of traditional methods of literary research, which emphasize access to original materials, encourage deliberate study of chronology, and examine the relationship between a literary work and the creative genius of its author. He has spoken out against academic schools of thought such as New Criticism, post structuralism and semiotics which ignore or downplay scholarly analysis of authorial intention.

Parker’s work on ''Ornery People: Who Were the Depression Okies?'', a family study in relation to the history of the American South, has led to his becoming a regular contributor to the webzine ''[http://allthingsliberty.com/ Journal of the American Revolution]''.
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