Ania Loomba

Ania Loomba is an Indian literary scholar. She is the author of ''Colonialism/Postcolonialism'' and works as a literature professor at the University of Pennsylvania.

Loomba researches and teaches English literature and early modern culture, postcolonialism, the history of colonialism and postcolonialism in South Asia, as well as postcolonial literature and culture. At the center of her interests are the history and literature of racism, colonialism and nation building from the 16th century to the present day. Many of her works - such as ''Colonialism / Postcolonialism'' (1998) and ''Shakespeare, Race and Colonialism'' (2002) - engage with Shakespeare and the Renaissance Theater. Her research on the history of racism since the early modern era includes work on England's early contacts with India, the Moluccas and Turkey.
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