Donald Keene

Donald Keene in his [[Tokyo]] home in 2002. Donald Lawrence Keene (born June 18, 1922) is an American-born Japanese scholar, historian, teacher, writer and translator of Japanese literature. Keene is University Professor Emeritus and Shincho Professor Emeritus of Japanese Literature at Columbia University, where he taught for over fifty years. Soon after the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, he retired from Columbia, moved to Japan permanently, and acquired citizenship under the name .

His poetic is , which he occasionally also uses as a nickname. or ''kīndo narudo''; is usually pronounced ''kinu,'' as in Kinugawa River, and as ''naruto,'' as in the Naruto Strait, which are both well-known place names, yielding the reading ''kinu naruto.'' A further twist is that can also be read as ''do,'' corresponding to the 'Do' in 'Donald'.}}
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