Raymond Jones

Raymond or Ray Jones may refer to:

*Ray W. Jones (1855–1919), Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota *Ray Jones (Australian politician) (1909–1967), Australian state politician *Ray Jones (Kentucky politician) (born 1969), member of the Kentucky Senate *Raymond Jones (composer), best known for his work on Doctor Who *Raymond F. Jones (1915–1994), American science fiction author *Raymond Ray-Jones (1886–1942), artist *Wizz Jones (Raymond Ronald Jones, born 1939), English musician *Raymond Jones (architect) (born 1925), Australian architect and footballer *Ray Jones (American football) (born 1947), American football player *Raymond Jones (boxer) (1903–?), Australian boxer *Raymond Jones (cricketer) (born 1958), New Zealand cricketer *Ray Jones (cyclist) (1918–1990), English road cyclist *Ray Jones (footballer, born 1921) (1921–2008), Australian rules footballer for South Melbourne *Ray Jones (footballer, born 1924), Australian rules footballer for Geelong *Ray Jones (footballer, born 1944) (1944–2007), English footballer who played for Chester City *Ray Jones (footballer, born 1988) (1988–2007), English footballer who played for QPR *Ray Jones (politician) (1926–2000), Australian politician *Ad hoc pseudonym of Alistair Taylor
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