Fremantle (company)

Fremantle (formerly FremantleMedia) is a British international television content and production/distribution subsidiary of Bertelsmann's RTL Group, founded in 2001, and evolved as Europe's largest TV, radio, and production company. Its world headquarters are located in London.

The company originated from a merger between Luxembourgish-German joint venture CLT-UFA, which consisted of Germany's largest television production company and held a variety of European TV and radio broadcasters on the Luxembourgish side, and their British rival Pearson TV, the television branch sold off by Pearson PLC. What emerged became the RTL Group in July 2000, while the structures of Pearson were transferred into the new FremantleMedia a year later.

In the years before as well as after the merger, the company had acquired various British, Australian, and American production companies including Talkback, Thames Television (which later merged as Talkback Thames), Grundy Television, Crackerjack Productions (now merged to become FremantleMedia Australia), and Goodson-Todman Productions (later Mark Goodson Productions, now folded into Fremantle North America).
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