Kim Dovey

Kim Dovey is an Australian architectural and urban critic and Professor of Architecture and Urban Design at the University of Melbourne, Australia, teaching urban design theory.

He received degrees from Curtin University and the University of Melbourne in Australia and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, USA. His book Framing Places (2nd ed. 2008)explores theories of place as mediators of power, incorporating case studies of politics of public space, housing, shopping malls and corporate towers. His 2005 book Fluid City documents, analyses and critiques the enormous transformations of Melbourne's most important urban waterfronts during the period 1989-2003, over which time the city acquired a set of radical new faces to meet the challenges of globalisation. Becoming Places (2010) explores the formation of place identity and develops a theory of place as dynamic assemblage. Urban Design Thinking (2016) is a broad-ranging application of assemblage thinking in urban design. Mapping Urbanities (2017) explores the role of urban mapping in the production of spatial knowledge. Current research projects include urban design dimensions of transit-oriented development, informal settlements and creative clusters.
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