William Crawford

William Crawford may refer to: :''Ordered by date of birth.'' * William Crawford (knight), William Wallace's second-in-command * William Crawford (Virginia) (died 1762), American soldier, politician, and the founder of Portsmouth, Virginia * William Crawford (soldier) (1732–1782), soldier in American Revolution, western land agent of George Washington, burnt at the stake by Native Americans * William Crawford (Pennsylvania) (1760–1823), United States Representative from Pennsylvania * William H. Crawford (1772–1834), U.S. Secretary of War and Secretary of the Treasury * William Crawford (London MP) (1780–1843), British MP for the City of London, 1833–1841 * William Sharman Crawford (1781–1861), Irish MP * William Crawford (judge) (1784–1849), United States federal judge * William Crawford (artist) (1822–1869), Scottish painter * William Crawford (trade unionist) (1833–1890), Member of Parliament for Mid Durham, 1885–1890 * William Fitzgerald Crawford (1844–1915), New Zealand storekeeper, brewer, mayor and photographer * William Crawford (Canadian politician) (1847–1897), surveyor and politician in Manitoba, Canada * William T. Crawford (1856–1913), US Representative from North Carolina * William Monod Crawford (1872–1941), Irish colonial civil servant in India and entomologist * William Ernie Crawford (1891–1959), Irish rugby union player * William James Crawford (active 1906–1937), sports photographer * William L. Crawford (1911–1984), U.S. publisher and editor * William Broderick Crawford (1911–1986), American actor * William J. Crawford (1918–2000), U.S. soldier and Medal of Honor recipient * Bill Crawford (American football) (born 1937), Canadian player of American football * Bill Crawford (cartoonist) (1913–1982), American editorial cartoonist * Bill Crawford (Indiana politician) (born 1936), Democratic member of the Indiana House of Representatives, representing the 98th District since 1972
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