Daniel Cohen

Daniel Cohen may refer to:

*Daniel Cohen, co-founder of the Center for the Study of Human Polymorphisms *Daniel Cohen (children's writer) (1936–2018), American writer *Daniel Cohen (conductor) (born 1984), General Music Director Staatstheater Darmstadt *Daniel Cohen (economist) (born 1953), French economist *Daniel Cohen (filmmaker), French actor, screenwriter and director of ''The Chef'' *''Cohen v. Cowles Media Co.'', for the Republican Dan Cohen *Danny Cohen (cinematographer), British cinematographer *Danny Cohen (computer scientist) (1937–2019), Israeli-American computer scientist *Danny Cohen (television executive) (born 1974), Director of BBC Television *Dan Cohen (politician) (born 1936), American author and politician *Dan Cohen (academic), American historian and the Founding Executive Director of the Digital Public Library of America *Daniel I. A. Cohen (born 1946), American mathematician and computer scientist *Dan Baron Cohen (born 1957), playwright and community-theatre director *Dan Cohen (filmmaker) (born 1977), American author, journalist, and blogger
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