Thomas Armstrong

Thomas, Tom or Tommy Armstrong may refer to:

* Thomas Armstrong (Australian politician) (1885–1955), member of the New South Wales Legislative Council * Sir Thomas Armstrong (musician) (1898–1994), English organist, conductor, educationalist and adjudicator * Thomas Armstrong (Oxford University cricketer) (1849–1929), English cricketer for Oxford University * Thomas Armstrong (Nottinghamshire cricketer) (1872–1938), English cricketer for Nottinghamshire * Thomas Armstrong (Australian cricketer) (1889–1963), Australian cricketer for Victoria * Thomas Armstrong (Derbyshire cricketer) (1909–2000), English cricketer for Derbyshire * Thomas Armstrong (footballer) (1898–?), English footballer for Liverpool * Thomas Armstrong (author) (1899–1978), British novelist * Thomas Armstrong (New York) (1785–1867), New York politician * Thomas Armstrong (Wisconsin) (1858–1927), Wisconsin politician * Thomas Armstrong (painter) (1832–1911), English artist and arts administrator * Sir Thomas Armstrong (English politician) (c. 1633–1684), English army officer and MP, executed for treason * Thomas Armstrong (Florida politician) (born 1937), American politician in the state of Florida * Thomas E. Armstrong (born 1959), American Republican politician from Pennsylvania * Thomas H. Armstrong (1829–1891), American Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota * Thomas N. Armstrong III (1932–2011), American museum curator * Thomas Armstrong (bishop) (1857–1930), Anglican bishop in Australia * Tommy Armstrong (singer) (1848–1920), 19th century Geordie singer, songwriter * Tom Armstrong (cartoonist) (born 1950), American cartoonist * Tom Armstrong (politician) (1903–1957), Australian politician from New South Wales * Tom Armstrong (rugby league) (born 1989), English professional rugby league footballer * Tommy Armstrong (American politician) (born 1941), American businessman and former politician from Shreveport, Louisiana * Tommy Armstrong (New Zealand politician) (1902–1980), New Zealand politician * Tommy Armstrong Jr. (born 1993), American football player * Tommy Armstrong (bowls) (born 1939), England international lawn bowler * Tom Armstrong (footballer) (born 1954), Northern Irish footballer
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