William Allan

William Allan may refer to: *George William Allan (1822–1901), Canadian politician *George William Allan (Manitoba politician) (1860–1940), Canadian politician *William Allan (banker) (c. 1770–1853), Canadian banker, businessman and politician *William Allan (classicist) (born 1970), Scottish classicist *William Allan (geneticist) (1881–1943), American physician and geneticist *William Allan (painter) (1782–1850), Scottish historical painter *William Allan (English politician) (1837–1903), Liberal Party politician in the United Kingdom *William Evan Allan (1899–2005), Australian military figure, seeing service in WWI and WWII *William FitzAlan, Lord of Oswestry (c. 1105–1160), Norman noble *Willie Allan (born 1942), Scottish footballer *William Allan (Queensland politician) (1840–1901), pastoralist and politician in Queensland, Australia *William Allan (trade unionist) (1813–1874), British trade unionist *William Allan (British Army officer) (1832–1918) *William Allan of Glen (1788–1868), Lord Provost of Edinburgh
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